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Haptic Driver IC
A technology that enriches the user sense by making it feel the tactile sensation, force, and vibration when touching the screen or pressing the button.
The heightened sensitivity to vibration enhances user convenience, while diverse tactile sensations evoke a sense of retro charm. The Haptic Driver IC, responsible for delivering force, vibration, and motion to generate a tactile response when users interact with the screen, finds versatile applications in smartphones, smartwatches, game consoles, notebooks, and automobiles.
Auto Focus Driver IC
A function that automatically focuses on the object of a mobile camera.
It is a semiconductor designed to precisely regulate the position of the lens through an automated function. This functionality facilitates the seamless adjustment of the lens's focal length during camera operations, ensuring sharp and clear focus on the subject.
OIS Controller IC
A function that detects external hand shake to move the lens when taking photos, so that the camera can make a clear shot.
It is a semiconductor responsible for managing vibrations using a gyro sensor when there is movement in the camera lens. In contrast to conventional digital zoom, optical zoom enlarges the subject by physically adjusting the lens. Hence, the OIS Driver IC is indispensable for a 5x optical zoom camera to mitigate the blurring effects resulting from lens movement.
ToF Driver IC
ToF (Time-of-Flight) is a 3D sensing technology that measures the flight time of light to calculate the distance and depth between objects.
This technology discerns the three-dimensional characteristics, spatial information, and movement of an object by calculating the distance based on the time taken for the reflected signal after emitting infrared wavelengths towards the object. Consequently, it finds applications in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). For effective chip operation, a ToF sensor requires a Driver IC, prompting Dongwoon Anatech to develop a ToF Driver IC through continuous research and development, tailored for ToF applications.
LED Driver IC
Maintains constant amount of light through constant current on products using LED light source
Different linear and DC/DC lineups are available for products based on their specific applications. The Linear Driver IC features a straightforward configuration aimed at cost reduction and eliminates camera flicker. On the other hand, the DC/DC Driver IC facilitates high-efficiency products through its internal switching systems.
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