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Integration of Haptics

Our Haptic Integration service is tailored for applications demanding sophisticated touch feedback mechanisms. We design and integrate haptic feedback into devices and systems, enabling them to simulate tactile sensations.

This allows users to experience realistic touch feedback in various digital interfaces, enhancing the user's interaction with technology in gaming, virtual reality, and medical simulation devices.
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Haptic Driver

Our Haptic Driving solutions are at the forefront of smart-surface innovation. We develop systems that provide drivers with intuitive touch feedback through the steering wheel, pedals, and seats, offering a safer and more immersive driving experience.

By simulating different road conditions and hazards, our technology helps in improving driver awareness and vehicle control.
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CAD Construction

We offer professional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services to bring your ideas to life. Our team of skilled designers and engineers specializes in creating detailed 3D models and technical drawings for a wide range of applications, from prototype development to production-ready design.

With our CAD expertise, we can help streamline your design process, improve accuracy, and reduce development time.
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Force & Sensing for Haptics

We specialize in creating advanced sensing and force-feedback systems for haptic applications. Our technology captures detailed physical interactions and translates them into precise haptic feedback.

This is critical for developing highly realistic virtual and augmented reality experiences, enabling users to feel the weight, texture, and resistance of virtual objects.
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Acousting Driver

With our expertise in haptics and acoustics, we can provide acoustic driving solutions for a variety of different purposes. Whether you are looking for to play or record sound, we can develop your solution for both hardware and software. We can also provide quality testing devices for end-of-line testing equipment.

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