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CASHE- Capacitive Haptic Sensing Evaluation Board

The CASHE builds on the PSoC 4100S Max and is an all-in-one solution when you are designing smart-surfaces and HMI interfaces. With the CASHE EVK, you can configure capacitive sensing, haptic driving, light (LED) driving. It also provides an in-built ADC / DAC 24-bit 192 kHz, various I/O, and micro-communication (I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN). With its USB-C & Barreljack power options, you can power it from your PC or directly from your existing hardware.

The CASHE comes with an easy-to-use GUI that will allow you to set up all the needed parameters for your HMI needs. The CASHE comes as an EVK or as an application board, which can be tailored to your application. The CASHE utilizes the PSoC to its full potential and together with our software and the ModusToolbox, you have full design freedom and direct support from our engineers.

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Hamso services for PCB & CAD
At Hamso Engineering, we can support you with any of your CAD related projects. We support with PCB & CAD design on various design platforms (Autodesk, Siemens, etc).

Our engineering services for hardware and mechanical design is rooted in our expertise of HMI design (sensing, force, haptics, light, acoustics) for various industries (automotive, pharma, household, gaming, and industrial).
Hamso services for simulation models
At Hamso Engineering, we can support you with FEM / FEA simulations. Our engineering team works with various platforms and tools.

For haptic integration, we do not only provide simulations, we also provide our own haptic measurement equipment. We support mechanical and electrical simulations for FEA.
Hamso services for development
At Hamso Engineering, we can support your development projects with everything from prototyping to mass-production.

Our engineering services consists of a strong team within mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.
Hamso services for Embedded Software
At Hamso Engineering, we provide embedded support for the PSoC and various other applications.

With our portfolio, we can support a range of different embedded tasks for various industries.
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