Artificial Finger

The ArFi permits separate and parallel measurements of both vibrotactile and acoustic feedback. The device can be adapted to a particular application where developers can quantify their haptic design phase.

Our innovative solution

Our innovate solution offers a tool, that is easy to use and allows you to precisely analyze haptic signals.

From measuring existing solutions, quality control or prototyping, the ArFi can do it all.

State of the art measurement equipment
Seamless integration
Next level prototyping
Customized Software to fit your need.
Experience our in-house software tools, customized to fit your need. Seamlessly integrating with our cutting-edge devices, our software solutions are user friendly and reliable. From simple Interfaces to robust every day tools, we provide a solution.
Description +
The ArFi is a haptic measurement device used for haptic feedback quantification. The ArFi is an electronic measuring device that uses an accelerometer and a load cell to establish surface vibrations.

The ArFi moves by the use of a motor and is controlled with its graphical user interface. The UI is accessed via the touchscreen that is shipped together with the device or via WIFI.
Specifications +
Parameter Unit Conditions/Description MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions Mm 500x375x415
Finger Movement Mm 0.01 100
Load Force N 0.1 20
Load Resolution N 0.1
Acceleration Scale G x, y, z axis -16 +16
Acceleration Resolution Hz Single accelerometer 6500
Dual accelerometer 4000
Frequency Range Hz -0 20000
Operating Voltage V 12
Operating Power W 15 108
Output Voltage V HEBO trigger 3-3
Outputs HEBO trigger 1
Packaging Flight Case
Operating Temperature °C 0 40
Storage Temperature °C -20 70
Weight g 12.000
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