ArFi HandHeld

Artificial Finger Handheld

The ArFi handheld offers the same functionality as the ArFi, compressed in a more compact design. Optimized for usage in environments outside of the laboratory, the ArFi Handheld can be used in any scenario, delivering instant and reliable results. The new Probe design offers great accuracy, providing you with the perfect tool for quality control or quick assessment of haptic feedback.

Measuring taken one step ahead

The ArFi Handheld is our latest addition to our range of measurement equipment.

Compressing the approved ArFi functionality in a small, compact shape, the ArFi Handheld can be used in any environment while delivering reliable results.

Portable - State of the Art Measurement
Quality check & control
Easy to use and adaptable to every use case
Description +
The ArFi Handheld is a haptic measurement device that enables the user to quantify vibrations while being in the field. The device records data in terms of load and acceleration using sensors built into the probe.

The UI is accessed via the touchscreen on the measurement unit. Data collected can be visualized on the screen on the device or exported to different software through USB or via Wi-Fi.

The device is shipped with two hand straps (different sizes) to be attached to the ArFi Handheld. They fasten to the VESA compatible connectors on the back of the measuring unit.

The probe can be used to trigger capacitive buttons or surfaces by use of the CapaFinger*. The device can also be used together with the *HEBO in order to power haptic actuators.
Specifications +
Parameter Unit Conditions/Description (L x W x H) MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions - Measuring unit mm 302x170x63
Dimensions - Probe mm 101x39x39
Power cable length mm 1500
Probe cable length mm 800
Load Force N 0.1 20
Load Resolution N 0.1
Acceleration Scale g x, y, z axis -16 +/-4 +16
Acceleration Resolution Hz Single accelerometer 6500
Frequency Range Hz Single accelerometer 0 20000
Output Voltage V 5
Outputs USB, Wi-Fi
Operating Voltage V 12
Operating Power W 15 24 30
Operating Temperature °C 0 40
Storage Temperature °C -20 70
Packaging Flight Case
Weight - Measuring unit g 1.300
Weight - Probe g 160
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