Capacitive Sensing Haptic Evaluation Board

Sensing combined with haptic and led driving. The CASHE is our overall - one pcb to satisfy your needs - solution. Easy to integrate into your devices, housings or interior solutions, the CASHE is a state-of-the-art development board that takes haptic integration and HMI development to a new level. Complying with automotive standards, the board can be connected to any existing system and is as compact as it gets.

The all in one application Board

The CASHE is our answer to the existing need for a smart and compact solution for sensing and haptic driving.

Easy to integrate and coming with our user friendly in house User Interface, the CASHE is here to satisfy your need for solutions.

Tailored to a specific use case, this application board is a reliable and fully customizable product.

Haptic & LED Driving
Seameless Integration
Description +
The CASHE is an evaluation board made for designing and developing human-machine-interfaces (HMIs). Its main purpose is to assist development needs and it provides a basic foundation for various sensing methods and surface options (smart-surfaces / displays).

The CASHE is an electronic device and comes in a default packaging with a POLYIC / KURZ sensing foil & plastic surface. The CASHE is built on the INFINEON PSOC 4100 S MAX. The CASHE comes with an easy-to-use GUI, called the Cashe Configurator. The CASHE Configurator gives access to all the functionalities of the CASHE.
Specifications +
Parameter Unit Conditions/Description (L x W x H) MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions Mm 190x120x60
Surface Plastic (Radial Slider, 3 buttons, linear slider)
Sensing Capacitive
Storage Micro SD Card, FRAM
Power Input Barreljack/USB-C PD
Operating Voltage V 5 5 15
Operating Power W 10 24 80
Output Voltage V Micro communication, digital output 3-3/5
Outputs Analog, Digital 8
Inputs Digital 8
Audio 24-bit DAC/ADC 192kHz
Micro communication SPI, I2C, UART, LIN, CAN FD
Packaging BOX
Weight g 1500
Documentation Download +
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