Haptic Evaluation Board

The HEBO provides an easy solution to generate the desired haptic signal for your development project. The HEBO helps you to design and test different haptic signals rapidly. The HEBO introduces an all-in-one evaluation board for haptic design. It includes an integrated display and driving chip, offering a quick change of the haptic parameters on four different actuators, both individually and together. The HEBO allows to set up and integrate haptics to any prototype without any advanced software knowledge.

Rapid Protoyping taken to the next level

The HEBO offers a solution to quickly adapt and configure your haptic application.

Coming as an easy to use and plug and play solution, the HEBO is the ultimate haptic evaluation tool.

Combining the HEBO with ArFi offers you a solution to set-up, test and implement haptic solutions that are tailored to your specific use case.

Haptic driving
Rapid Protoyping
Plug and Play solution
Description +
The HEBO is a haptic evaluation board which is used to power various actuators used for haptic design. The HEBO can change the amplitude, frequency, and duration of a signal. The HEBO is intended for haptic design and prototype development.

The HEBO plays signals through connected actuators, which is added by the user and can therefore not be specified in advance. The HEBO consists of software that displays a graphical user interface and gives the user the ability to test haptic vibration patterns on any given surface.
Specifications +
Parameter Unit Conditions/Description (L x W x H) MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions Mm 132 x 117 x 183
Frequency Range Hz 10 4000
Output Voltage V 0 4.6
Output Voltage (Boost) V 4-7 10
Haptic Outputs 4
Control Inputs 4
Input Voltage V 3-3 5 12
Operating Voltage V 5
Operating Power W 1 8
Packaging Flight Case
Weight g 500
Documentation Download +
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