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The HEBO introduces an all-in-one evaluation board for haptic design.

The HEBO provides an easy solution to generate the desired haptic signal from complex electronics or development kits and setups.

It includes an integrated display and driving chip, offering a quick change of the haptic parameters on four different actuators, both individually and together.

The device allows to set up and integrate haptics to any prototype without any advanced software knowledge.

The HEBO is a small and rectangular board containing various advanced built-in features. The device is constructed to operate all electromagnetic actuators.

Regardless of the technologies and surface properties, users can easily adapt and fine-tune their optimal haptic feedback with its unique features. The many types of actuators in the device allow the product to be used for single prototyping and mass production.

The haptic feedback patterns can be chosen for the actuators and triggers by using a simple UI. The interface GPOI (general-purpose input/output) creates the possibility to combine different sensor technologies with the HEBO. The product can be used together with the ArFi & MArFi to provide the possibility to test and measure haptic designs and quantify their haptic behavior.

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HEBO (Haptic Evaluation Board) allows you to easily control electromagnetic actuators to generate your desired haptic signal.
The HEBO consists of software that displays a graphical user interface and gives the user the ability to test haptic vibration patterns on any given surface.

HEBO includes:

- USB wall charger (24W)
- Micro USB to USB cable

Parameter Unit Conditions/description (L x W x H) MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions mm 131.5 x 117 x 183
Frequency range Hz 0 400
Operating Voltage V 5
Watt W 18 24 24
Output Voltage V 0 3
Outputs 4
Packaging BOX
Weight g 300

HEBO Specifications

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