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The MArFi is our patent-pending handheld measurement system for quantifying haptics.

The MArFi provides the user with a pre-loaded force to the surface and is to be used with the finger.

The MArFi is mobile and can be used within laboratories, but also taken out to the field to compare finished products. The device is lightweight and is powered through a single small power supply.

The MArFi can also be used together with the ArFi and provides the user with the same easy data transfer methods for further processing of the collected data.

The CSV and .wav files of the MArFi can also be used with our Haptic Analyser or with any other CSV reading software (such as MatLab).

The MArFi comes with a simple UI and control panel, which makes it a plug-and-play product and can be used to support your haptic design projects.

Hamsø Engineering

The MArFi is for passive and active haptic measurements. The MArFi is a handheld device and comes as a standalone product or together with the ArFi.

The MArFi includes:

- Power supply
- Three different fingertips
- UI controls
- Handheld device for force preload
- Accelerometer
- Microphone
- Our haptic software (Analyser and file transfer)

Parameter Unit Conditions/description MIN TYP MAX
Dimensions Mm 230 x 34 x 34
Force range (movement) N *See remark section for explanation 2
Force (applied) N 1 20
Sample rate (acceleration) Hz 6500
Operating Voltage V 3.3
Acceleration scale G X, Y, Z axis -8 +/-4 +8
Packaging BOX
Weight g 180

MArFi Specifications

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