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Our Products

We develop test equipment that helps designers create the ideal haptic feedback for any application.

We offer products to integrate haptic feedback in any of your devices, for you to offer your users a truly extraordinary haptic experience.

Whether you're in automotive, household appliances, industrial or medical industry our products are beneficial and can assist you with implementing the optimal haptic design in your products.

We provide R&D project developments and consultancy within our fields of expertise. If your project is regarding python, C/C++, C#. GUI, CAD-design or embedded software, we are your helping hand.

Artificial Finger



The ArFi allows for precise measurements of haptic vibrations. It is no longer subjective perceptions that will control your haptic design.


With ArFi’s software, it can evaluate the measured data. You can also export it to your program of choice by use of our CSV files.


The ArFi enables you to save costs by making the design and testing of your haptics easier.

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Mobile Artificial Finger


Quantifying haptics

With the MArFi, you get a handheld device that you can use to preload a press force and measure the haptic vibration on any device.

Easy to use

The MArFi is lightweight and comes with a finger grip for convenient use. Share the data to your PC for easy evaluation of measurements.

Adaptable and moveable

The MArFi is powered by a single adapter and can connect to the ArFi.

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Haptic Evaluation Board



Contains a touch display for easy control. Ability to run on or more actuators at once. Design your haptics with the HEBO!

Rapid Prototyping

The HEBO’s smart and intuitive user interface, lets users create and test haptic designs quickly.

Haptic Patterns

The HEBO allows loading different haptic waveform patterns and assigning them to a specific or several actuators.

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Production Equipment

Testing Equipment For Optimization

At Hamsø, we also produce production equipment, either for production optimization or End-Of-Line (EOL) testing.

We develop the hardware needed and the logic behind, either if its directly on a device or in the cloud.

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Consultancy Work

We Support Your Projects

For smaller projects, we can support you with consultancy work within our fields of expertise. We are strong on:

-CAD design (Siemens NX, Fusion 360, Inventor)
-Embedded software
-Software (PYTHON, C#, C/C++, GUI)

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About Hamsø Engineering

Hamsø has roots in haptics and acoustics. We work within different fields of engineering and help create better products for the end-consumers.

We are an international team, based in Sønderborg, Denmark. We have close ties to Germany, and we cherish the international and cultural teamwork.

We are flexible in our mindset, and we believe in building strong relationships with our customers, where trust and reliability go hand-in-hand.

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