About Hamsø Engineering

At Hamsø, we believe that a curious and helpful mindset will get you far. We are innovative in our thinking and are driven by the desire to create value for our customers and end-users.

With Hamsø’s products, you will be able to test and examine different haptic technologies. Our test system allows you to have precise measurements of the surface behavior.

By using our products in combination, you can quickly build test setups and test design ideas and performance while processing the collected data via our analyser software or directly in the user interface of the ArFi & ArFi Handheld.
As haptics and acoustics are closely related, we can support you on development projects within both fields. We have worked with Piezo transducers for various purposes and can develop transducer systems.

For embedded software projects, we specialize in Python, C, C++, C#, while also designing your hardware according to specification or customer-request.

With Hamsø, you will have a reliable business partner that can support knowledge, haptic component sourcing, as well as consulting, production optimization or project development.