Scope of delivery


The ArFi permits separate and parallel measurements of both vibrotactile and acoustic feedback. The device can be adapted to a particular application where developers can quantify their haptic design phase.

ArFi Handheld

The ArFi handheld offers the same functionality as the ArFi, compressed in a more compact design. Optimized for usage in environments outside of the laboratory, the ArFi Handheld can be used in any scenario, delivering instant and reliable results. The new Probe design offers great accuracy, providing you with the perfect tool for quality control or quick assessment of haptic feedback.


The HEBO provides an easy solution to generate the desired haptic signal for your development project. The HEBO helps you to design and test different haptic signals rapidly. The HEBO introduces an all-in-one evaluation board for haptic design. It includes an integrated display and driving chip, offering a quick change of the haptic parameters on four different actuators, both individually and together. The HEBO allows to set up and integrate haptics to any prototype without any advanced software knowledge.


Sensing combined with haptic and led driving. The CASHE is our overall - one pcb to satisfy your needs - solution. Easy to integrate into your devices, housings or interior solutions, the CASHE is a state-of-the-art development board that takes haptic integration and HMI development to a new level. Complying with automotive standards, the board can be connected to any existing system and is as compact as it gets.